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Now you know about the quantum fluctuation. Imagine the quantum foam but at the horizon of a black hole: the 2 particles popping to existence from no-where cannot than annihilate themselves: one pass through the horizon (or pop to existence inside the black hole) and cannot escape and the other has no option to go alone, radiate.

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SEE ATOM in 3D [gold atoms molecule]

A bit old as news but still impressive. They managed to reveal a tiny gold molecule of gold [nano scale]. We can directly see the atom structure, in 3D !!!

Each white dot are a Gold Atom

Sixty Symbols on the subject


Another nice video in my fav that I'm sharing to you. Lecture at Fermilab. Very good to understand the bases of the concept that we know and we're made of ONLY 4% of the Universe. Outstanding!!!

BISMUTH [Bi] element Crystal DIY

Bismuth element is one of the most fascinating soft metal element. If melted, when cooled down it solidify on beautiful Crystal Structures. I bought couple of gram of Bismuth from ebay. Still expensive. In this video below you can see a DIY to create your own Bismuth crystals. This guy had a big budget!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

UFO ? Above the Clouds : SPRITES

Have you ever heard about Sprites. Discharge of strong lightning storm appearing ABOVE the clouds. Short 55 minutes docu here.


Monday, June 15, 2015

DIY | Single Slit + Pin Hole

I captured the Wave Nature of light!!!

Here are my first "ok to good" results of my DIY Single Slit Diffraction Experiment & Pin Hole Diffraction Experiment. Still noisy and polluted by my non-scientific equipments, but still really impressive and better that the other DIY on the web.

These experiments are well known and were created in the past to illustrate the fact that Photons have a Wave Nature easily noticeable when you reach a certain point for the Uncertainty Principle. What you're seeing here are basically photons (green laser) that are passing through a tight slit or tight hole, projected on a white cardboard. The shots below represent ~2 feets wide, this board was at ~8 feets from the slit/hole. In resume, the Uncertainty Principle is that there's a limitation for a system (quantum scale) to know precise position and precise momentum at the same time. When one is "increasing" in precision to know it, the other one falls in the "uncertainty". The principle is based on the Planck Lenght, the smallest values of all Lenght/Energy, nothing can be/go below it.

Further down more links [VIDEOS]!

I'll create a DIY video and possibly an Instructables step-by-step of these two fabulous DIY experiments. STAY TUNED !


Old MIT (single slit)

Old MIT (pin hole)

I'll try for sure the Double Slit Interference Experiment. But I'll be sure that I can use 2 slits with a length that is not "alone" creating a diffraction pattern. What I notice throughout the web is that you can find a lot of banky DIY of the Double Slit Experiment: the problem in their tests is that they used 2 slit too narrow already, taking only one of their slit and you'll get diffraction anyway. To reproduce a more pure result, I think, we have to create the Double Slit Experiment with 2 slits that each one, alone, doesn't create interferences.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Multiverse: One Universe or Many?

If you ask me, I will admit that I'm a believer. I believe in the many possibilities of different universes governed by different laws. Just make sens. We have to stop (human) to centralize the environment toward us. Earth was the center of the world, after that it was the sun, than our planetary system, than our galaxy, each time we discover similar structure above the current known.

Brian Green brought and continue to reach the general audience with important concept. Science Festival is a reallllllly relevant sharing platform. Love him, love sharing!

He invited an outstanding panel, somites that debate of Multiverse concept.

Andrei Linde multiverse representation


Everyone knows what is gravity: attracting things equally. If a feather is falling in less time than a pool ball is just because air friction. But, is it well engraved in your mind, in your brain. Do you really grasp the fact that everything, no matter mass they have will "fall" at the same speed. WATCH THIS ONE, now you will "get" it properly. Thx mista Brian Cox !

Fractal Lab

Here is FRACTAL LAB, really impressive fractal generation through Web calculation, with your graphic card. Nice Art!

Its gallery: SUB.BLUE


For the casual science audience (as me), we've faced the fact that we understand 2 ways that things is getting their mass. On one side we all know now that the mass is in fact interaction through the HIGGS FIELD. A video with the "best" analogy found by scientist so far:

On the other hand, there's the quantum fluctuation, the vacuum that is apparently responsible of the principal mass. What, not Higgs field ?

Finally, got confused. Decided to write to Derek Leinweber directly to get precisions. Obviously watching 2 differents videos is not the best way to learn. Dho! Here its answer:

The quarks and electrons do get their mass from the Higgs field, but the small mass of the three quarks composing the proton contrasts the mass of the proton by two orders of magnitude.  The mass of the proton comes from the gluon field.
Best wishes, 

So, now you know.
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Empty space is NOT EMPTY

If you don't know yet, I'm sorry to tell you that, but Nothing doesn't exist, huh! In fact Nothing is something. Not just lexically for its meaning but in real, nothing is full of something. Vacuum is energy boiling, there's always something. Crazy!

VISIT :  Prof Derek B. Leinweber university page

Quantum Arround You | Prof Morello

Here are 9 Episodes to see absolutely (little old but still relevant Physics information).
9 Short explanations for the general audience by professor Andrea Morello. In few minutes you could grasp some concepts, interesting!!


Also, he's known principally for its work on the Quantum Computer in Australia. Here's video from Veritasium:

PIXOGENE, cg artist

Here are really nice digital art done by my friend PIXOGENE. Render created long time ago but still make it seriously. His Deviant-Art page on some "nano" representation in 3d. Nice stuff!

Gravitational Lensing

Incredible & true. Dark Matter bending as lens the far far away light. Here are nice pictures from Hubble telescope + some links related. Enjoy!

Cellular Forms

Beautiful digital artist, creating some Cellular Forms popping, growing:

Visit Max Copper Vimeo

BLOCKY digital Art

Here is a talented digital artist Lee Grigg

Artist website on this collection:

You Wants more ? Here are related digital style, so many good stuff here >>>

Scientists Mapped 8000 Galaxies (Out Of Billions) & Made An Amazing Discovery

The article:

Thursday, June 11, 2015


Wait a minute, it's not yet discovered, but, theory about new stuff is always welcome here =P

>> Photons under strong magnetic field, could change flavor to Axions, that can pass through solid, than converting back to Potons. Why not !


There's more to say about the Quantum Tunneling, but here's a base to catch the concept, this concept already well know from technology and physics:

Your PERIODIC TABLE (Orbitals)

Here's a really nice Periodic Table. It contains also the orbitals shape.


Cherenkov Light means something to you ? If not here are some useful links to understand why and when matter could go FASTER than SPEED of LIGHT. Outstanding!!!

some reading from wiki

in addition, found this one, Cherenkov Light for the cosmic rays hitting the atmosphere, very interesting.

Grow Silver Metal Crystals by Electrochemistry

ATOM | Wave-particles duality

Nice Article to read >> 
Article snap:
 " Does a massive quantum particle – such as an atom – in a double-slit experiment behave differently depending on when it is observed? John Wheeler's famous "delayed choice" Gedankenexperiment asked this question in 1978, and the answer has now been experimentally realized with massive particles for the first time. The result demonstrates that it does not make sense to decide whether a massive particle can be described by its wave or particle behaviour until a measurement has been made. The techniques used could have practical applications for future physics research, and perhaps for information theory."

Truscott quote: 
"I can't prove that isn't what occurs," says Truscott, "But 99.999% of physicists would say that the measurement – i.e. whether the beamsplitter is in or out – brings the observable into reality, and at that point the particle decides whether to be a wave or a particle."

Friday, June 5, 2015


Not just entangled, but change their past based on present recording, or if you want to see this result in other way: light can know which path that will take before doing it travel!!!!
Outstanding !!!

QUOTE from the video creator:
This video attempts to simplify the delayed choice quantum eraser experiment and share the shocking implications. i would also like to thank Physicists Bruce Rosenblum and Fred Kuttner for reviewing this video. I did not mention them in the video because they didn't get back to me until the after the video was complete and uploaded.


Here is my Galton's Board. I did it with Algodoo, 2d physics engine. Very interesting to see the Normal Distribution growing in time.


img from

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John Dalton: atoms and molecules

Various atoms and molecules as depicted in John Dalton's A New System of Chemical Philosophy (1808).

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