Friday, June 12, 2015


For the casual science audience (as me), we've faced the fact that we understand 2 ways that things is getting their mass. On one side we all know now that the mass is in fact interaction through the HIGGS FIELD. A video with the "best" analogy found by scientist so far:

On the other hand, there's the quantum fluctuation, the vacuum that is apparently responsible of the principal mass. What, not Higgs field ?

Finally, got confused. Decided to write to Derek Leinweber directly to get precisions. Obviously watching 2 differents videos is not the best way to learn. Dho! Here its answer:

The quarks and electrons do get their mass from the Higgs field, but the small mass of the three quarks composing the proton contrasts the mass of the proton by two orders of magnitude.  The mass of the proton comes from the gluon field.
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So, now you know.
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